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About Us

Welcome to Steel Allegiance MC! There's a good chance you already know who we are. The name Steel Allegiance is born in 2018 from an already well-known, charitable club from the past called Central Jersey Old Timers. SAMC felt in order to grow into a sustainable club that would take us into the future for may years to come, we needed to appeal to a much larger scope of riders of all age groups who may be considering joining a motorcycle club.

Our name has changed, but our overall vision is the same. We are a group of riders who have a great passion for motorcycling and sharing our camaraderie with all other bikers throughout our community and beyond.

Our goals are to continue to ride for the good of others, help any biker in need, and maintain a high level of respect for our own members and members of all other clubs.

The name “Steel” shows a strong bond for each other. The name “Allegiance” is to show a strong commitment to our club. The 14 stars in the logo are for the 14 original founding members.

Interested riders who wish to be considered for membership must ride a bike of at least 750CCs, have a valid license, and be committed to riding. We welcome men and women over the age of 18. If you're interested in riding with us, contact us through the Contact US page. See you on the road!